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How to Protect Yourself from Insects

How to Protect Yourself from Insects

Usually, insects are considered a mere nuisance but at times, they can pose a serious threat to one’s health. While most insect bites hurt for a second or two and then rubs away, some of them can also cause nasty infections, transfer serious diseases, or spur an allergic response. Ticks and mosquitos are two of the most known insects, for being a carrier of diseases. 

It’s important to take precautions against these organisms to maintain a good, stable state of health which we will read about further in the article. Following are some ideas to stay safe-

Wear favourable clothes

Exposed skin is more prone to being bitten by insects, even when completely covered in repellent. Hence, it’s best to match your outfits according to the intended location so that it offers an appropriate layer of protection. 

Special care should be given to infants in such situations because for children under two years, mosquito repellent can be very infectious. 

Use insect repellent

Insects are naturally drawn towards sweet, flowery smells so when stepping outside, avoid fragrances of that kind. And instead, use products that do not have a scent and cover your clothing and exposed skin, if any, with insect repellent which carries chemicals that pushes away most insects, which is an effective way to prevent bites and stings.

One of the major ingredients in these repellents is DEET, which is in itself a very heavy chemical and hence, it’s advised not to use that around facial features or sensitive skin spots.

Keep your house tidy

Insects are known to be attracted to places that are inherently unclean and unhygienic. Keep your doors and windows tightly shut, keep your house swept and vacuumed, take out the trash daily and do not let dirty water collect anywhere in your residence. 

The basic key to protecting your house and the people in it is to create clear barriers from the outside to not let anything risky enter the inside.

Use insect net

Insects are active all twelve months of the year and if the process of reapplying repellent to yourself and the babies at home seems too tedious, putukavõrk is a much better alternative.

These nets are designed in an extremely detailed manner, consisting of tiny holes that are small enough to keep insects outside but yet also uphold a healthy level of air ventilation, to avoid suffocation.

Measures to take after being bitten

Despite following all the precautions, there’s a chance that you still get stung by an insect and in that case, obey these steps-

  • Separate the insect from your body.
  • Check the spot and search for any bugs that might be there.
  • Wash that area with soap and warm water.
  • Ice it for a minimum of five minutes.
  • After patting it dry, gently rub a little sanitiser around the site.
  • Resist touching or scratching the skin.

But if this aftercare doesn’t prevent swelling or pain, then do seek medical assistance at the earliest.

If you’re looking to purchase a durable insect net to guard the health of you and your loved ones, head on to Avaeksperdid.

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