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Skylights are great light donors! They give light-flooded rooms and allow a wonderful view of nature: What could be better than watching through a skylight the moving clouds, the wavering trees and flying birds? But there are also times when you would certainly want adequate visibility and sun protection. For example, at night, in the morning and at other times of rest, or when you want to watch TV without exposure to light or work at a desk. Ideal for interior visual and sun protection on the roof window pleats and blinds are suitable. They are available in versatile colors and variants – from light privacy to darkening – and can also be fitted by laymen. For this to succeed,

Selection of pleats or blinds according to purpose

Roof window blind

Pleats and blinds are available in abundance. Therefore, you should think in advance exactly what the pleated or the blind should be used. If you want a roller blind only as a light protection and a feel-good atmosphere, then offer transparent Roman blinds. For a high privacy, which also serves as a glare protection, blinds and flexible pleats are suitable. An absolute darkening, for example, for a good night’s sleep or to keep the heat outside in the summer, you can only use high-quality blackout blinds and honeycomb pleated blinds with guide rails. Why? Especially with a plisseIt is not only about darkening fabric, but also a processing without drawstring holes and a 100% completion with the edges on the window frame, which can only be achieved by a corresponding guide rail. Because through the holes or wrinkles on the edge of small amounts of light fall through, which is already perceived by photosensitive people as disturbing and unpleasant. The rainbow blinds are also there as an offer.

Depending on the system, the different variants can also be combined, for example, more transparent pleated blinds and blackout blinds. So you have a window full of flexibility for your different needs!

Attach pleats and blinds to the roof window – this is how it works:

Tip 1: Invest in quality

First and foremost, an overriding and fundamental tip: Invest in quality! If you want to enjoy a pleated or blind for years, then you should not save on the quality. High-quality materials of blinds and pleats as well as appropriate frames as well as an adequate processing are the alpha and omega for a successful assembly and a smooth, permanent use.

Tip 2: Choose pleats and blinds especially for the skylight

Not every roller blind or pleated blind can be used for a skylight. Since roof windows are designed differently and the locking mechanism is on top, and the wing thickness is greater than in conventional windows, for example, pleats with clamp carriers cannot be attached. Therefore, before purchasing, find out exactly whether the desired roller blind or pleated is suitable for attachment to a skylight.

Tip 3: Correct measurement

To make the blind or pleat a success, first of all, measuring before you buy is the most important step you should take a lot of time for. Because nothing is more frustrating and ultimately more costly than a wrongly measured product that is too small or too big

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