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All your supply needs on plumbing, electrical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and controls like sensors and networks are available in Blackhawk supply. They are a team of professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controls industry. They offer supply needs of all plumbing and electrical requirements. They offer discounts for our customer and also free shipping to the clients who place orders greater than 999 USD. Many clients are happy and satisfied with all our products. Following are the supplies you can find at Blackhawk

1. Plumbing supplies

  • Brass fittings: Many brass fittings to hot water distribution lines are available in our store. It includes brass nipples, flares, and barbs.
  • Plastic fittings: High-quality PVC pipes and varieties like plastic PVS scheduled nipples, insert fittings, plastic push fittings and many others are available.
  • Pneumatic fittings: Most important pneumatic fittings like universal series couplers, industrial interchanges, compressor valves, and others are available.
  • Hydraulic fittings: You can get steel pipe fittings, o-rings, hydraulic motors, and other accessories at Blackhawk supply.
  • Bronze fittings: Pipe fittings, lead-free bronze fittings, and extra heavy bronze fittings are available.
  • Aluminium fittings: Nipples and pipe fittings can be placed orders easily.
  • Other plumbing materials: Stainless steel fittings, Black and galvanized fittings, Clamps, tubing, and valves are also available.

2. Electrical supplies

  • Relays: All your electrical needs for relays can be bought here. AC coil, DC coil, 24V coil, and 120V coil are available.
  • Transformers: Blackhawk Supply provides 120VAC primary, 24VAC primary, and 120VAC secondary transformers.
  • Wire: Multi conductors, CAT 6, CAT5E, and other accessories like a machine screw thread, iron beam clamp, and cable support hooks are available.
  • Power supplies: You can get both AC to DC and DC to AC power supplies from Blackhawk.


  • Thermostats: Traditional thermostats and Smart thermostats offered by popular brands are available.
  • Humidifiers: Fan powered humidifiers and By-pass humidifiers for various voltages are available.
  • Temperature controllers: Single-stage temperature control with sensors, power cords, timers, off-cycle defrost timer can be bought easily.
  • Humidity controllers: Proportional humidity control and humidity controllers with no sensors are available in Blackhawk supply.
  • Zoning dampers and Zoning panels: Zoning dampers of rectangular motorized and manual, round motorized and manual, bypass dampers are found. Zoning panels non-expanding control panels, communicating zone panel and zone controllable panes can be placed orders.

4. Other important controls like Control valves, Valve actuators, Damper actuators, Sensors, Networking, Frequency drives, and Displays are available in this store.

At Blackhawk supply provide 24 hours support both online and offline. You can call us, email us or have a live conversation with us 24/7/365 days. For placing an order, you need to create an account. After sign up, log in and place your orders. You can track shipments and check the status of your orders.

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