6 Stylish Design Hacks to Turn Your Bathroom into Your Best Room


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With spring just around the corner, you may well be contemplating some home improvements as an opportunity to reinvigorate your property and give the space a new lease of life – but with so much square footage to take into account, where does it make sense to start?

We believe the bathroom is a room often neglected when it comes to seasonal updates – especially considering how crucial this space is to your enjoyment of your home. The epicentre of relaxation and indulgence in any property, being home to energizing showers and cleansing bubble baths alike, the bathroom deserves its due when it comes to TLC.

If you can’t help but feel like your bathroom isn’t fulfilling its true style potential right now, we’re breaking down some low-effort tips for transforming the space into a shrine to all things chic, so that you can make a meaningful design impact in minimal time.

Build a rich color palette

A simple but nonetheless vital first step to creating a luxury living space is to put together a slick, layered color palette that makes maximum use of coordinated shades and complementary clashes. Classic bathroom color schemes typically revolve around crisp white, pastel blue or earthy terracotta – but who says a bathroom has to be classic to be first-class?

Explore some alternative yet timeless design themes that stray from the standard, such as an industrial-look combination of deep grey and copper, or a spring-infused pairing of lime green and canary yellow. Your only limitation is your imagination, and we’ve seen our fair share of bathrooms begging for a daring injection of glorious, vivid color.

Experiment with accent colors

Once you’ve made the rules for your bathroom’s color palette, it’s time to figure out how and where to break them. Accent colors can effortlessly highlight key features in a room – whether they’re used on a feature wall, in your fittings and fixtures, in the tiles used on your floor, or in the soft furnishings that finish it all off – and as far as we’re concerned, bold is best.

Find the yang to the wider room’s yin, in the form of a stark, dramatic shade that is, at once, at odds and in harmony with the overall color scheme. Whether that means pairing mustard yellow with deep violet, ruby red with a leafy green or coral with aquamarine, there is quite literally a broad spectrum of beautiful combinations to be found. You’ll soon find out that, when it comes to bathroom design, opposites really do attract.

Let it bloom

Regardless of the season, you can create an eternal spring in your bathroom by introducing a variety of vibrant potted plant life to the space. From traditional greenery like bamboo and aloe vera to the bursts of color that come with orchids and begonias, there are options galore when it comes to dainty flora that will breathe new life into your home – and ones that particularly thrive in the bathroom, at that.

Evoking a sense of zen in the space, as well as creating an atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness, plant life serves many worthwhile purposes as part of an overall design theme. Better yet, by opting for flowers that boast gentle, natural fragrances (such as peonies or freesias), you can enjoy plant life that doubles as a dose of at-home aromatherapy.

Make room for retro

While statement features such as wall art, eye-catching ornaments and vintage furniture are generally reserved for the living room, kitchen and bedroom, we see no reason why the bathroom shouldn’t enjoy its fair share of retro chic.

Adding a big fat dollop of style and character to any space, vintage accessories set your home apart from the sterile show homes found in big-brand catalogues. By imbuing your bathroom with some authentic charm (be it through an antique wall mirror, a piece of rustic folk art or absolutely anything else), you can transform this typically function-first room into a real style statement.

Image: Unsplash

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to redecorating your bathroom, other than to view this space with the same discerning eye for detail you’d apply to any other room of the house.

Whether you’re investing in a swanky new shower to bring your bathroom bang up to date or taking your color scheme back to the drawing board, show this important room of the house some love and make sure to give it the royal treatment.

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Moosa Adam works at 1 Click Bathrooms, the UK’s online one-stop shop that helps homeowners build their dream bathroom, piece by piece.