What You Need to Know About Faucet Repair


Fixing that leaky faucet can be a very frustrating thing for an amateur. The constant sound of water dripping is so annoying that it has literally been used a method of torture. Of course, the famous “Chinese water torture” usually involved dripping water on a person’s forehead, but it is an accepted fact that the repeated dripping sound is also part of the psychological torture.

A dripping faucet usually comes down to one of a few problems. In many cases, you can do the repairs yourself, but I want to stress that you should call a qualified professional if you do not feel confident with any part of the work. For faucet repair bellevue WA has plenty of good options to choose from, but I would recommend looking for a company that has relatively low prices and offers free estimates. Companies that do not offer free estimates should be viewed as potential scam artists.

Your first step is always the same: Cut off the water at the meter. If you don’t have the specialized tool that is commonly used to adjust this valve, you can simply use a pair of large pliers or vice grips. Most water meters contain more than one valve for more than one house, so make sure you don’t accidentally cut your neighbor’s water off as well! Remember, when the two holes line up, the valve is off. The next step is to open a faucet somewhere in the house to drain the water remaining in the lines. From there, it is simply a matter of disassembling the faucet so that you can see what is wrong. Most of them will have a screw or bolt on top of the handle, though sometimes you will need to pry off a decorative piece to get to it.

Most leaky faucet problems are due to a problem with the rubber washer that fits against the valve seat. This rubber washer is under constant friction and will eventually wear out no matter how well it is installed. When you take your faucet apart, you should have no trouble finding this rubber washer. Visually inspect it for cracks, rotting, or anything else out of the ordinary. But, if you’ve got the thing taken apart, you should also look at the cartridge. This cartridge is attached to a long stem.

You will also probably need to replace the O-ring. This is usually located near the washer and fulfills much the same purpose. Make sure you also clean the valve seat, making sure to remove all corrosion. Corrosion buildup is one thing that can explains many leaks, because it interferes with the smooth surface that is required for a good seal. You will want to make sure you buy all your replacement parts from the manufacturer so as to ensure a proper fit but bear in mind that some faucets just cannot be repaired. It is important to know when to admit defeat and buy a new one.