Neglect A Common Cause For A/C Repairs

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One of the most common reasons for needing ac system repair columbus oh is because of neglected maintenance. Regular maintenance is needed for air conditioning filters and coils, and this helps the unit continuously operate effectively.

Neglecting the maintenance of an a/c unit only reinforces a decrease in its use. In fact, experts say neglecting the maintenance on your a/c unit generally decreases its efficiency at nearly 5 percent every year.

The air conditioning unit that came with your home just a few years ago may be functioning at a lower velocity. In other words, your unit may not be discharging air as cold as last year, and it makes the unit work harder, which in turn drives up your electric bills.

Of course, there are different models and manufacturers, but there are always a series of basic maintenance operations that should be carried out yearly.

Filters Are A DIY Solution

One cause of a malfunctioning unit is an abundance of dirt that accumulates in the fan and prevents the air conditioning unit from working properly. Clogged a/c units can also cause bad odors within the home.

Dirty filters are another issue. The easiest do-it-yourself plan of action is replacing or cleaning your air conditioning filters. These filters are usually made with nylon and are the main protective barrier that cleans, filters and traps most of the airborne particles. By changing the filters, you not only to have improved air quality, but you reduce energy consumption, and increase the life of your equipment.

The Outdoor Exchange

The outdoor unit of an air conditioning system does not usually have a filter (except centrifugal units), so it produces a lot of humidity in the summer, and is prone to keeping dust, and all kinds of germs, and bacteria, which can lead to annoying odors and respiratory problems, in the most severe cases.

To improve the quality of the air, it is advisable to have the internal parts of the unit cleaned with a soft cloth or a brush, and very carefully so as not to bend the fins. It is not advisable to take on this job without the aid of an a/c expert. These internal parts are very fastidious, and critical to the overall workings of the unit.

To ensure the long-lasting and perfect functioning of the air conditioning system, the functions of the key components, like the compressor, condenser, and evaporator must be regularly checked. Even hoses and seals can age, dry out and become leaky. This can lead to degradation of the refrigerant and reduced cooling capacity.

Additionally, when exposed outside the home, the outdoor unit suffers the wear and tear of the environment and there may be oxidations of some of its parts, loose screws, loosening supports, so it is very important to have all parts checked.

Performing routine yearly maintenance checks will help improve the performance and efficiency of the unit, not to mention, making sure there’s less energy spent while extending the life of your equipment.