Decorative Elements from Bellavista Collection: The art of adding zest

Furniture Design

Home, sweet home… We all regard our homes as the place where we spend our best hours. Quite naturally, we cherish such a place and try to make it perfect. i.e. furnish it so that it suits all our needs and pleases our eyes.

Adding zest to a room is no trifle. Interior designers work hard to make interiors not only comfortable to live in, but also special-looking.

Furnishing a home is not all about just furniture. Ordinary people and designers alike see interior of a room as a whole. So, all the pieces should be in harmony with one another: furniture, wall paneling, mirrors, lightning fixtures, artwork, and so on.

For the customers’ convenience, clever businesses often sell such things at one place. Bellavista Collection, a company well-known for its cherry-picked selection of Italian luxury furniture, is no exception. Along with top-quality furniture, the company offers lots of other things indispensable for interior design.

All products at Bellavista’s website are conveniently divided into categories and sub-categories. If you are furnishing your home and looking for something special, HOME DÉCOR category is well worth visiting, especially its sub-category called BELLAVISTA DETAILS.

A handpicked selection of extraordinarily dissimilar decorative objects is waiting for you there.  BELLAVISTA DETAILS is full of eye-catchers. Actually, ALL pieces from Bellavista Collection are special, but in BELLAVISTA DETAILS you will find the very ones you need to add spice to your interior. They all are so attractive that choosing only one or a few of them becomes a tall order.

Useful Beauty: Practical Pieces of Artwork

BELLAVISTA DETAILS is the most assorted sub-category, containing items of all shapes, sizes and purposes. Well, you can roughly divide these lovely items into two groups: the objects which have some utilitarian use and those which don’t: their only purpose is to look great.

FRAME – a grand-looking wooden frame for a picture – could be the perfect example of the former. It’s sizeable – 180x140x13 cm (70.9 x 55.1 x 5.1 in.) – and available in three woods: American walnut, moka stained walnut, and dark stained walnut. Natural beauty of wood, combined with chrome detail glittering, will highlight beauty of your picture (not included).

If you are a boss, Bellavista has something special for you. This item will look superb on your desk, adding zest to your study and impressing your business partners and clients. It is a book rest named IL SAPERE. Inviting to the eye and nice to the feel, made of belting leather with chrome detail, IL SAPERE not only looks chic, but also is very handy. If you are a keen reader, you will appreciate this book rest as well. Besides, it will make an excellent present.

One more beautiful and useful item is DAFNE, a stylish floor-standing planter. Its inner tank is made of stainless steel, and the outer structure is wooden. DAFNE is available in six differently colored woods, from beige-colored champagne stained oak to almost black moka stained oak. So, your indoor plant in this flowerpot will easily blend into any interior.

Along with being pleasant to look at, some of the pieces from BELLAVISTA DETAILS sub-category can serve you as room dividers. Look, for example, at MY SECRET – a fabric-covered folding screen. It is available in three variants that differ in width:  159, 213, and 268 centimeters wide (62.6, 83.9, and 105.5 inches respectively.). All three options are 180 centimeters (70.9 in.) high.

Both metal-and-glass decorative panel TURANDOT and metal curtain called TRASPARENZE can be used for partitioning off some space as well.

There also are two lovely-looking panel pictures, which are big enough to be used for the same purpose.  They will also look grand on a wall. Named ROSE and FLOWER, they are 120 x 160 cm. (47.2 x 63 in.) and 172 x 102 cm.  (67.7 x 40.2) in size respectively.  Both are made of moka stained larch with plexiglas back; additionally, ROSE has chrome or antique brass inset. All in all, wherever you place each of these pieces of artwork, they will look magnificent.

Cast Metal Statuettes: A Zoo on Your Shelf

Bellavista website also contains items that are charming in themselves – like cast brass statuettes of animals.

Cast metal sculptures of horses, hippos, rhinos, and greyhounds from Bellavista will spice up your room. Each of them also makes a great present.

These statuettes are available in a number of finishes, i.e. protective or decorative coatings applied onto metal, that differ in color. For example, for IPPO E RINO (cast brass sculptures depicting a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros) you can pick be either of the following finishes: antique bronze, antique silver leaf, antique gold leaf, or black patina.

These cute rhino and hippo are of the same size: 18 x 8 cm x 8 (7.1 x 3.1 in.). Both figures are small enough to be placed, say, on a shelf, a credenza, or a tabletop.

Do you like horses? If yes, take a glance at FURIA – a cast brass figure of horse. The sculpture is pretty realistic, 20 cm (7,9 in) tall and 26 cm (10,2 in) long. You can choose among four finishes – the same as IPPO E RINO are available in.

What about dogs? Unlike lifelike FURIA, a sculpture of a dog named GREYHOUND is rather modern-looking. Made of cast brass with antique bronze finish, it is 18 cm (7 in) tall and 21 cm (8.3 in.) long.

Judging from the variety of animal figures in the collection, it looks like Bellavista is a home for animal lovers.

Surprisingly, all these remarkably diverse items were created by the same person, Attilio Zanni – an outstandingly gifted all-round designer and the company’s co-founder. Almost everything you see at Bellavista Collection’s website – fashionable furniture, chic-looking lightning fixtures, modish boiserie, gorgeous decorative elements – came into existence thanks to signor Zanni

Browse through Bellavista’s website, full of brilliantly designed pieces, and you will obviously find what you have been looking for: something to enliven your interior and make it really special.