Creative Uses for Sheepskin Rugs

Home Design

If you have been looking for creative ways to finalize your home decorating efforts, the thought of introducing animal hides into one or more of your rooms may have come to mind. There are an extensive range of hides and skins that you could use, but sheepskin has particular appeal to many people. This is because it has a deep softness that is truly pleasant to touch. It is a material that you would love to walk on in your feet if you invest in a sheepskin rug. It is also a pleasant material to use on the back of a sofa or across the arm of a chair. Before you finalize your plans to purchase one or more sheepskin rugs for your home, take a closer look at the many benefits associated with sheepskin as a home decorating material.

The Rich Colors
When the thought of sheepskin comes to mind, you understandably may think about the normal natural color of sheepskin. Sheep are usually an off-white or beige color, but they are also commonly black. These are neutral colors that may look fabulous in many homes but introducing variations of black and white may seem dull to some people. The good news is that the off-white sheepskins can also be dyed to give you a rich, robust selection of colors to choose from. This includes a large selection of neutral colors, such as caramel, tan and gray. It also includes bold options, such as lilac, mulberry, rose and silver taupe. With almost two dozen beautiful colors to choose from, it is easy to use these rugs to complete the décor in most rooms in your home.

The Versatility
The thought of a sheepskin may bring to mind a rather small piece of animal skin because of the petite nature of adult sheep. While the material may be extremely soft and fluffy, and while it can be dyed numerous colors to meet your decorating needs, the matter of skin’s small size may seem like a limiting factor for your use of the material. The good news is that you can purchase a single skin, or you can purchase four or even six skins stitched together flawlessly. In fact, nobody will be able to tell that the material is not a single piece because of the excellent stitching. With this additional variation in size options, you can see that sheepskin rugs can be used with great versatility as a decorative material. A single sheepskin may make an ideal rug on the floor in front of your favorite chair or at the foot of your bed. It can also be used as a throw over the side of a chair or sofa. A piece with four to six skins can be used as a rug in a larger area, or it could even be used as a throw over the back of a couch.

Decorating with sheepskin is an excellent idea if you want to differentiate your space and add a touch of natural sophistication. Take a few minutes today to examine the rugs available and to imagine how they can be used in various rooms of your home.