How to install a double switch?

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Do you know what double switches are? Have you noticed that you need one in your home? We tell you how to install a double switch.

The double switches are very useful to light two different points of light in the same room. That is, they are two push buttons that light two different lamps and that allow you to save light. If you want to learn how to install one, we tell you how to do it.

Difficulty level


Materials :

> Double switch.

> Pliers

> Wire strippers

> Screwdriver

>Cable for the connection

> Cable guide (optional)

You will be able to get all of these parts from your local stockiest of Electrical Supplies Australia.

Price materials

$10 – $20

What steps to follow to install a double switch?

Before starting, make sure you comply with the appropriate security measures. Disconnect the electrical current and … Read the rest

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Why should you opt for Rotary screw compressor technology?

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Over a long time period, lots of innovations made the historical changes in the industries. As the technology is getting better, new machines are making the tasks much easier and convenient for the industrial owners. As you know, Rotary screw compressors are used at a large scale worldwide in several Industries because of its excellent industrial applications. There are lots of uses of different types of air compression in several industries. Among all these types of air compressors, Rotary screw technology is definitely one of the popular and useful one in the industries.

Functionality of rotary screw compressors:

You should understand the functioning of the Rotary screw compressors before going for it for your industrial purpose. In these machines, 2 screws are used to spin at very high speed and it relies on oil injection seal for lubricating. Because of the spinning of screws, air is consumed from the inlet … Read the rest

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Professional aircon chemical washing service makes every customer satisfied

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Residential and commercial air conditioners in recent times are rich in advanced features and recommended by satisfied users. If you regularly use the air conditioner and think about how to enhance the overall efficiency of this air conditioner, then you can focus on the professional air conditioner chemical wash service right now. You will be amazed when you contact the company with a specialization in the air conditioner cleaning service. This is because reasonable prices of the professional service aircon chemical wash singapore from a team of experts.

Contact a leading company at first 

TJ Aircon Engineering is a successful company with a commitment to providing the competitive price of the air conditioner maintenance service required by every customer. You can directly contact this company and focus on details about aircon chemical wash cleaning service as comprehensive as possible. You can get the most expected assistance and make an informed … Read the rest

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