Streamlining Property Management

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These thoughts are for freshly-minted landlords and those sitting on the fence about becoming one. Renting property in major US cities has never been a more lucrative business. Experts at Pew Research Center published data suggesting that more US households are renting now than any point in the last 50 years. The figures showcased indicate that the trend is unlikely to decelerate, let alone reverse. They aren’t the only ones drawing attention to the craze, either. Richard Florida at CityLab also shared his thoughts on the subject. While referring to a report released by the NYU Furman Center, he declared, “What these numbers ultimately show is that contrary to convention, renting is gaining popularity among people who are seemingly well-positioned to buy a home.”

That could mean big business for those willing to rent property out to others. Unfortunately, landlords and property managers are rarely seen too favorably by their … Read the rest

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